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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

29/05/12 Can the British Heavyweights salvage the Heavyweight division?

At last it would seem that the British Heavyweight division has come alive. And i know that Audley Harrison hasn't exactly been the most memorable of fighters over previous years but he is still another name that we have now mixing up the division. The big four are Obviously David Haye, Dereck Chisora, David Price and Tyson Fury. I have confirmed before that i am a huge David Haye fan and have no problem saying so, and as bias as it seems i still feel he is the strongest hope for a British Heavyweight to obtain another world title. What is good is that 2 years ago it was only Haye that seemed to be able to compete at a world level, but a great performance against Vitali Klitschko from Chisora has put him in the mix, Fury has already proven he can beat Chisora, and did so for the British title. That belt now belongs to David Price who is looking a real prospect for the future.

As we already know we are all staring Haye and Chisora in the face, awaiting a winner, even the fight fans most anti of this situation find themselves awaiting the outcome. Its a grudge match that has reached such a personal level you cant help but feel curious to what will happen when these two men square up. Obviously the consequences of this fight are that both fighters have no back from the BBBC and wont have from here on out, so they will have to rely on their own Boxing status and promotion to get them any future shots. The man they both have in their sites is Vitali Klitschko, but the vibe being picked up from the Klitschko camp isn't exactly positive. Recent rumours have confirmed that Tyson fury is looking for a showdown with the winner of this bout. Obviously with a win already over Chisora and the size difference against Haye, why shouldn't Fury put himself in the mix, i really think he could cause both men problems.

Audley Harrisons recent win over Ali (who i hear you say) Adams has sparked to life his career.....again! He has recently confirmed he wants new British Champion David Price. I see a really bright future for the Liverpudlian and can see him challenging for a world title very soon, i also see him dominantig Harrison if the fight was to go ahead.

It is great to see 5 Different fighters all at different stages of their careers mixing it up with each other. This is great for British Heavyweight Boxing but also great for World Boxing. Haye has already tasted world glory and is hungry for it one more time after coming out of retirement. Chisora put up his best performance against Vitali and just fell short. Both Fury and Price are the two young guns that are looking to make a stamp on the division, with both of their promoters already saying they could get in the ring with one of the Klitschko brothers. Its an exciting time for the Heavyweight division and looks to only be getting better, lets hope it carries over into the World Heavyweight division.

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