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Saturday, 19 May 2012

19/05/12 The truth behind Haye v Chisora

As we all now know Dereck Chisora and David Haye are due to step into the ring in the highly anticipated bout which has now been confirmed for the WBO International and WBA Inter-Continental titles (like that matters). This grudge match was on the cards way before the meltdown in Munich and has left fans crying out for it to happen, well July 14th at Upton Park this match will take place, but with no thanks to the BBBC even though it is taking place on thier soil. The BBBC have not at any point sided with the Fighters or promotor Frank Warren on this and have now confirmed that anyone who does get involved with this event can consider thier name wiped from the BBBC.

The whole situation seems to have been blown out of proportion and after listening to various interviews and reading a vast array of articles, i can honestly say that i agree with British promotor Frank Warren. He seems to have come up against a BBBC that have realised they have made a mistake and are now trying to punish the british Fighters for it. Lets face it Warren is just doing his job, and that to make a fight happen that people want to see, and its apparent that nearly 40.000 people want to see this fight (and thats just bums on sits at Upton Park, thats without the thousands that will be watching this on Boxnation or online). In my opinion if a Boxer pays his hard earned money towards a Boxing board (BBBC) then he should maintain a constant backing from that board, i dont expect them to pass on what Chisora did in Munich or the things he has said, but surely this could have been dealt with in a better way. Steve Bunce wrote in one of his many columns that this could have been handled between Boxer, Promotor and Board over a nice meal, and he is not wrong either, alongside a writen appology and perhaps a hefty fine. Unfortunatly it would seem that the BBBC want to make an example of Chisora and his actions and are now looking to make an example of Warren as well, fellow British promotors Eddie Hearn and Frank Maloney have taken this chance to make thier thoughts clear on the situation as well. Hearn goes as afr as saying that Warren lacks all respect for the sport of Boxing.

The key element here is that the Board have reached a ruling that Chisora is to have his license taken away and to be suspended from the sport, there is no mention what so ever of a ban. And this is what Warren has confirmed to be where everone is getting it wrong, papers, journalists, and other media all reporting that this is wrong and illegal, when really it isn't. In actual fact this could'nt be more legal. Warren has had various people from the Board and media say to him that the time isn't right and its to soon to go ahead or its just wrong as far as the sport of Boxing goes, Warrens argument being why should'nt Chisora be able to earn a living up untill the fight. Warren puts forward a great case in this argument and has also played the innocent card by saying that various BBBC meetings and private gatherings are being hosted without any invite to himself, he also defends his decisions to other promotors and publicly opens up with truthful stories that has left them with no leg to stand on. In by doing all of this Warren has won over a lot of the Boxing nation and ultimatly will continue to do so for putting on a fight we all want to see.

I myself do not like what i have ssen unfold since the brawl in germany and as each day passes and more news breaks it seems to tarnish the name of the sport a little more, with drug scandels and poor officiating decisions all ready highlighting the low points of the sport it does'nt need an ongoing saga to this proprtion, it is nice to finally see Boxing get some mass promotion but it has all happened in the wrong way.
Brawls, arguements, racial abuse, riots are just a few things that have always happened in the sport of Boxing, why should this situation matter anymore than them. Lets hope that the night itself is not over shadowed by this past months events and lets hope that once it has happened both parties can reach an agreement, afterall it is a British Boxer under a British Promotor in disagreement with a British Boxing Board shouldn'nt be that hard right?

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