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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

23/05/12 Will we ever see Vitali take on Haye

You would think that after everything that has happened betwwen Heavyweights David Haye and Dereck Chisora, Haye's Attention would be on putting a plan in place to take apart Chisora. As much as this might actually be true, i can't help but feel he has been caught up in the crossfire of recent comments made by the Klitschko camp, more so by Manager Bernd Boente. Boente has reignited the argument between Vitali and Haye and answered accusations made from Haye, by stating that the offer was made for the two fighters to meet and Haye ran scared and declined due to fearing Vitali. Haye responded by saying it would make no sense to duck the fight, and he has been trying to make it happen for a while now, dates of July and Spetember have been thrown around but with no development. The Haye camp feels that Boente is doing a great job of protecting his man, ultimatly because of his age and that they are trying to move him into a career in politics very soon. I dont think it will ever come to light what the situation really is with both camps, the Haye pleads seem so genuine that he is trying to make the fight work, but the Klitschko brothers remain always professional and also come across very genuine. Maybe this is a simple case of neither fighter wanting to lose, after so much build up and promises that they would win the fight, i think both men would really struggle to bounce back from defeat.
Brother Wladimir as more recently come out and stated that the fight between his brother and Haye wouldn't be taking place as Haye does not have a British Boxing licence. And with the recent announcement of the BBBC stopping any assotiation between themselves and anyone involved with the July 14th night, its safe to say Haye wont be getting a licence any time soon.
If its Vitali's last fight then i really think he needs to look at the situation again, as he wont be earning any bigger payday than taking on Haye. If talks of him retiring at the end of the year are true then we may never these to men enter the ring together.

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