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Monday, 28 May 2012

28/05/12 Last Chance for Audley Harrison

The 27-5 Heavyweight Audley Harrison picked up a win the weekend with a 4th round stoppage over Ali  (who i hear you ask) Adams. Harrison said he wanted one last shot at the sport he loves and said he needed this fight for him. It now leaves him in the position of wanting a classier opponent and maybe even a title shot, word has it that Tyson Fury is in his sights. I have nothing against Harrison apart from the lack of effort put in when he took on David Haye, if he had used the effort like he did 2yrs ago against Michael Sprott the British public may have given him a bit more respect the obscene amount of money he walked away with. It just seems its a lot of talk from the Olympic gold medallist and not much delivery whenever he enters the ring. A part of me hopes that he can land a shot against someone like Fury but maybe that's me just wishing for a great comeback story. It takes a while to get recognition as a Boxer (just ask Carl Froch) but Harrison had it handed to him after the Olympic win, problem was he couldn't maintain his early amateur Boxing ability and got found out very quick. After continuous attempts to get his career on track, is this the moment we see the 40yr old take his moment.

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