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Saturday, 19 May 2012

19/05/12 Berto tests positive for Nandrolone

As we just get over one drug scandel another one unfolds. Last time it was Goldenboys Lamont Peterson this time the attention turns to 2 time Welterweight champion Andre Berto. Due to fight Victor Ortiz on June the 23rd, Berto has now put any chance of that fight going ahead into jeapordy by testing positive for Nandrolone.
It will be interesting to see how head of Goldenboy Richard Schaefer responds to this after the recent outbreak of Petersons drug story. So for Schaefer has stated he will try and find a replacement for Berto to face Ortiz, the only people i can think of is Khan or Alexander, but i doubt either will accept. If the event does go ahead don't expect anything close to what we would have witnessed if Berto and Ortiz were to trade blows. Another blow for a sorry month of Boxing news.

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