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Thursday, 31 May 2012

31/05/12 Pacquiao v Bradley, My take on this encounter

I have been wanting to write about the upcoming encounter on June 9th between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley for a while, the reason i have held off is because i wanted to take a step back and really look at both fighters and their preparation for the fight.
I have heard so many different opinions and outcome predictions from fight fans, most of which have the fight going the distance and have pacquiao winning on points, i say 'Come on, stop taking the obvious prediction'.
I have enjoyed certain other writers and reporters putting their neck out and stating either a 'Pacman' KO, or even a Bradley win, I'm still yet to see a Bradley KO prediction.
Ok so cards on the table right now, i have Pacquiao winning this fight on a majority decision, yes I'm not even predicting a full sweep amongst the judges, allow me to explain. We know the resume' that Pacquiao brings to this fight, we know the people he has beaten and we are very much aware of his Boxing ability and its not be questioned. What is to be questioned, is how many times since the Miguel Cotto fight as he had to really dig deep against opponents, that he should really be ending before the 12th round. Fights against Clottey, Margarito, Mosley and Marquez all went the distance, and these are Boxers that have slowly drifted past their prime and in a couple of cases maybe even to the end of their career. Many people had Marquez down a the winner of their 3rd encounter and he pushed Pacquiao very close in their previous 2 fights as well, ultimately Pacquiao picked up the win and that's what matters, but it all seems a bit to close for comfort.
Bradley on the other hand offers something completely different from any of the names mentioned above, a younger man with no fear, he will come at you all day long and wont stop until he wins. His 29-0 record will confirm that. Whilst Pacquiao has been increasing his P4P status by wins over older elites, Bradley has emerged a real Welterweight talent who has worked his way through some great young ring masters. Wins over Casamayor, Alexander, Peterson and Vazquez have put him right in the mix for a shot at the Philippine. (excuse the mention of Peterson, but he still posed a problem for Bradley).
Taking all this into account your probably asking why i have Pacquiao the winner and not Bradley, it's simple, how ever hard Bradley can hit, Pacquiao hits harder, no matter how fast Bradley is, Pacquiao is faster, no matter how much he is happy stand toe-to-toe and trade get my point. Recent news of family issues and politics getting in the way of him concentrating on this fight do not worry me, i actually see it as an added incentive for him to win. Ask yourself did anyone think going to prison would effect Mayweathers performance? Elite athletes will not let outside issues effect them, especially someone of Pacquiaos class. As soon as the light shines on him in that ring, he has one thing in mind, to beat Timothy Bradley.

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