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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

09/05/12 Haye v Chisora a good or bad thing?

I find it hard to understand why certain people can not get excited about the recent announcement of David Haye v Dereck Chisora, two Heavyweights that are amoungst the elite of the division. After watching Bunceys Boxing hour last night with Steve Bunce and Frank warren i could'nt help but feel excited. I want to aknowledge now that this isn't a competly positive experience for Boxing, especially the way in which this match up came about in Munich. But lets remember this isn't the first time a brawl has happened outside of teh ring as i mentioned in my blog a couple of months ago, lets not also forget that this wont be the first time that a boxer has got past his ban by looking elsewhere for a license to box, most famously Muhammad Ali on his refusal to sign up to the American army and most recently Anotonio Margarito after the hand wrapping incident. This may well refelt a tarnished image on the sport but it is something that has been around for many years and these types of controversy show no sign of going away.
Another reason why i feel excited about this bout is that the winner may well be going on to bigger things, lets face it the Klitschko brothers seemed more than happy enough to offer matches to either fighter, notably Viltali Klitschko who has recently confirmed he would be happy to fight Haye. Admittedly this fight may not come along any time soon due to licensing issues but it will certainly leave both Boxers in a strong position when looking for that all important Heavyweight title shot. The Klitschko camp have come out over the last 24hrs and stated this would be a freak show of a fight, i cant help but feel that for once, a Heavyweight encounter has grabbed the headlines that doesn't involve either one of them, and they don't like it.

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