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Monday, 18 June 2012

18/06/12 Munroe Suffers cut that ends Quigg encounter

Scott Quigg and Rendall Munroe were set to go to war on Saturday night, but it ended with a rather anti-climactic finish after Munore suffered a deep cut above his eye, forcing officials to stop the fight. The decision came early in round three after the doctor took a good look at the eye, it came after the two men clashed heads in what seemed to be a slight brush of heads, but after closer replays you could clearly see how Quigg had full contact with Munroe and the blood started to pour. The first two rounds were quite even with both men probably winning a round each, this left the fight poised for a classic encounter. After the decision was made it left the crowd extremely unhappy as they could see a great fight developing, but I'm sure they would understand once they had seen the replay themselves, it was a cut that could prove quite costly to Munroe if it doesn't heal properly and could cause repercussions in future fights if it is aggravated.

I feel for promoter Ricky Hatton as recent news has confirmed SkySports have cut a lot of his events from their scheduling, so the events that he does put on need to count for something. This event would have been great for Hatton had it seen the distance, Hatton himself said after the fight that there has to be a rematch for him, the fans and the fighters. If the fight turns out to be anything like the start of this encounter I'm sure it will be a true classic between the number one and two British Super- Bantamweights.

Friday, 15 June 2012

15/06/12 This months 'Boxing Rant'

I have recently been disappointed and slightly aggravated with some of the articles i have seen expressed through the worldwide media and blogging sites. 'Boxing is done for', 'Is Boxing dead' is a small taste of what your likely to read if you are currently browsing these articles. Simply put...NO!, boxing hasn't died and even though theres has been shocking news and negative views stressed against the sport, it still lives strongly amongst us.

The Pacquiao v Bradley outcome seems to have tipped a lot of people over the edge of being so loyal to the sport, i have to agree with certain critics that are campaigning against paying for any future Pay Per View events until we get the fights we want, notably Mayweather v Pacquiao. But im certainly not going to allow it to tarnish the sport so much so, i don't watch it any more. Shane Mosley and Winky Wrights retirements are a low point for the sport, but for every Boxer on his way out the door, another one will enter. James Kirkland, Adrien Broner, Amir Khan, Canelo Alvarez are just a few examples of Boxers that are taking their Decisions by storm at such a young age.

The Paul Williams accident has left many more people feeling very negative after losing a great fighter that was so dominant in the ring, but Boxing will survive like it always has. After the Passing of Diego Corralles in 2007 Boxing stood still for a while, but in true fashion got back on its feet and continued to offer top quality bouts around the world.
I will continue to watch the sport i love, through the corruption, politics, Blood, sweat and tears that has always underlined the sport, and look forward to some of the great fights and fighters ahead.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

12/06/12 Haye Chisora Press Conference

The conference had started with the announcement of Matthew Hall, Liam Walsh and Frankie Gavin will all be on the card for July 14th with the inclusion of 4 belts on the line.
Frank Warren confirming that he was unhappy with the outrage that has been generated through the media, particularly aimed at the Daily Mail, as he feels that they have really attacked the July 14th Card but with no support from their readers as they actually want to see the fight go ahead.
Chisora and Haye both confirming that they feel great and both really in shape for the fight, notably the weight loss from Chisora. Progress can be tracked for both fighters on BoxNation's 24/7 series that they will be putting together in the build up to the fight.
Haye stated that he wont be happy with just a win and feels that its the way he 'Disposes of this Guy' (Chisora) that matters. Chisora understands that he is up against a fast fighter and has trained for this, but its Haye's punching power that Haye himself promoted towards Chisora.
The Chisora camp have confirmed that their man is a natural fighter and a real heavyweight and that's the advantage they have going into the encounter, to which Haye replied if you strip away the fat there wouldn't be much of a heavyweight left. Words continued to exchange between the two men until the inevitable face off for the cameramen.
Further talk of the licencing issues arose, to which Frank Warren put to bed quite quickly by saying that it is being promoted and licenced legally through the Luxembourg Boxing Board.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

10/06/12 Pacquiao beats Bradley, but Bradley leaves Champion

I had stated in my Pacqiuao v Bradley post that it would be close, i also stated that it would end on a split decision, what i didn't predict was the winner. It was inevitable that this fight was going to go to the wire, Pacqiuao for me is a little past his best but still has a lot to offer, accountably speed, movement and experience, all of which came in to play this past Saturday against Bradley. 751 punches thrown 253 landed for 'pacman' in comparison to Bradley's 159 out of 839 punches landed, yet it still wasnt enough for the Welterweight Champion to pick up a win. Pacquiaio dominated the fight early on and looked to have rocked Bradley a couple of times, but Bradley weathered the storm and came on quick in the middle of the bout. It was at the back end of the fight were the judges must have seen different to everyone else, as it seemed that Pacquiao was the more dominant of the two men and certainly finished the stronger, landing more power punches than 'desert storm.'

The initial 115-113 announcement from the first judges scorecard raised a few eyebrows as this seemed a lot closer than people had thought, the worse was yet to come for Pacquiao as the remaining judges had it 115-113 to Bradley as he became the new Welterweight Champion.
It leaves many questioning the state of the Nevada Boxing Comity and the people involved, but also leaves many people wondering why Bob Arum seemed to happy for Bradley after the fight, when ultimately his promotion company took a big hit. Arum was seen congratulating Bradley and smiling from ear to ear, yet comments made after the fight would have said otherwise, 'incomprahensable' was how the Promoter described the events. People believe that as the announcement of the rematch clause for November reached us extremely early on in the year, it was a huge money making scheme to line Arums pockets.

I believe that it was poor judges again that have destroyed a great night of Boxing, but i take nothing away from Bradley as he could only do his best, and if his best was enough to sway the judges then so be it. Pacquiao has looked strong in his last few fights but remember he has struggled to be the dominant force he once was. I haven't seen him look primed since his sensational KO of Ricky Hatton and he has had his share of judges on his side, particularly in his encounters with Juan Marquez. So it is not unusual that the unbeaten Bradley would eventually become a Champion or even eventually beat Pacquiao as we often see with younger upcoming fighters, but it just seems such a shock to the Boxing world that he would become champion on that performance.
It leaves two questions,

Who will Bradley fight next? Will he accept the rematch with Pacquiao for November or maybe look at his training partner Amir Khan.

Will we see Mayweather v Pacquiao? It would certainly give Mayweather ever bit of leverage to pull all the strings in setting up a fight with Pacqiuao.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

05/06/12 Khan v Garcia really heating up!

Admit it who was disappointed when Khan v Peterson fell through, i think a lot of people were and i think the hardest thing for Khan was having got into such good shape, it was taken away from him with one act of stupidity. And how many times does turn out that when a replacement is found, its never quite as good as it would have been with the originally booked man. Turns out that although Khan Peterson could have produced the entertainment of last years encounter, Danny Garcia has quite rapidly filled the void and already stamped his mark on this fight scheduled for July 14th. Both men seemed very excited upon this match being put together and each man made quick assessments of the opponent and offered their brief opinions, well in true Boxing Mano e Mano fashion the guard has been dropped and both men are expressing how they really feel.
The funny thing is that the exchange of words and intimidating atmosphere has all come about thanks to Danny Garcia's father Angel Garcia, who has branded Khan as over rated in their recent official announcement of the fight in Vegas. Khan responded to this verbal attack saying that when he KO's his son Danny will he be overrated then? The Younger Garcia simply sat back and let them exchange words and confirmed that he lets his dad do the talking and that he does his work in the ring. This is shaping up to be a great fight and both men are defiantly going the right way about promoting this bout, if people were unaware of either Khan or Garcia and what they can bring to the table, they wont be come July 14th.

05/06/12 Mosley & Wright end of an era

Saying goodbye to the sport you love can sometimes be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but knowing that someone else is experiencing the same thoughts and emotions that you are can make it that bit easier. Yesterday both Winky Wright and Shane Mosely decided their time had come and enough was enough and at the age of 40 both fighters had incredible careers and certain performances that will never be forgotten.

I first heard news break about Winky Wright retiring early Monday morning which didn't really come as much of a surprise to me, a loss to Peter Quillin this weekend seemed to just cement Wright's decision to end it. After an incredible career that never really got much promotion early on, it was when he picked up 2 wins over none other than Shane Mosely that everyone really acknowledged Wright as a credible force in the Boxing ranks.
Shortly after i had heard that Mosley had called it a day and i was slightly surprised by this, only because he had performed so well against Saul Alvarez and sometimes that's all a Boxer needs to pursued him into one last match. But after losses to Pacquiao, Mayweather and Cotto in his last seven fights it really left Mosley with nowhere else to turn.

Both men have conquered their divisions at some stage in their career, with Wright reaching the top of his game with back to back wins over Mosley and Mosley himself reaching his peak with a win over Oscar De La Hoya and again 3yrs later. Fights that will always be remembered and 2 men that will never be forgotten.

'Sugar' Shane Mosley                                                                  @SugarShaneM
Belts IBF Lightweight, WBC, WBA Welterweight
Record 46-8-1-1

Ronald 'Winky' Wright                                                                @RealWinkyWright 
Belts WBO Light Middleweight
Record 51-6-1

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

03/06/12 Klitschko, Boxers, Legends, Brothers!

After much criticism, both Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko have pulled together all friends and family and many important people along their journey to the top, and have produced just over 2hrs of footage for an insight to their lives. I have to say it is a great time for them to have released this film as they are under fire for so many reasons and most of which are either unfair or invalid. As mentioned by Dan Rafael in the film and i confirmed in one of my previous articles, both Klitschko brothers can only do what is put in front of them, they can only dominant a division that they are currently apart of so they should stand tall and be classed as the best Heavyweights of the 21st century.

The film initially gives a brief look into the places where the brothers had grown up, and their parents being very supportive of them both, but also very tough with them.It was at an early age when Vitali had taken up Kick Boxing and before long became the Ukrainian Champion. Wladimirs first success came at the Atlanta Olympics where he won gold and shot to stardom after Vitali missed out due to injury. Something that wasn't mentioned in the film and is worth noting is that recently Wladimir auctioned that gold medal for $1million for charity.
It wasn't to long before both men turned professional and started making themselves known throughout the Boxing world.

The first real big step for both brothers involved American Chris Byrd, as Vitali had beat Herbie Hide in 1999 for the WBO Championship then lost it to Byrd. It was then in 2000 that Wladimir took on Byrd for that same title and won to bring the title back into the Klitschko family, a theme that would be ongoing throughout their careers.
Whilst then Wladimir lost in a shock upset to Corrie Saunders and Lamon Brewster, Vitali went on to establish himself as a true Heavyweight warrior after an epic battle with Brit Lennox Lewis. The film had much emphasis on this fight as it was a huge turning point for both brothers. Vitali dominated Lewis early on but Lewis landed some heavy shots which resulted in Vitali's eye being opened up and the blood kept flowing. The fight was eventually stopped and even though Vitali walked away with no belt, he did walk away with something more precious, respect. More so, the respect of the American audience that was watching, the brothers were a force to be reckoned with and they would go on to dominate Heavyweight Boxing from here. A great part of the film shows Vitali read out a letter he received from Ex-Champion Max Schmelling, reporting that even though he got knocked down its how you get back up that matters.

Both men have defeated the likes of, Brewster, Byrd, Peter, Rahman, Chagaev and more recently Arreola, Briggs, Adamek, Haye, Mormeck and Chisora.
And if there was a loss to contend with, the other brother would avenge it and close of that chapter. It is a running theme that when you take on one Klitschko, you take on both Klitschko's. , and they both admit it as well. They have each other to support and look out for and ultimately intimidate the opposition, just ask Derrek Chisora. they also have a great management team that at one point could have been Don King if it wasnt for Vitali not liking what he saw. Both men saw straight through the promoter that once represented Ali and Tyson and didn't want to be a part of it and having Manuel Steward as part of the training camp only strengthens their corner as there is nothing that he doesn't know or hasn't seen.

Its a great film that deserves to be noticed, just like both brothers. Interviews with fellow Boxers like Brewster and Lewis add another view on their careers as does interviews with family, friends and some of the Klitschko camp.
And in answer to everyone asking why they wont fight each other, ask Nadezhda Klitschko, as she explains what its like watching her sons step inside the ring, or not watching as she reports.
I hope people watch this and see the other side to the Boxers that get a lot of negativity, the side of Vitali doing his politician work in Ukraine to help make it a better place, the side of Wladimir carrying out charity work and most of all, the side of both brothers...just being brothers.

03/06/12 Both Tarver and Kayode unhappy after draw

So Tarver v Kayode ended a draw and a very disappointing vibe at the end of the fight, many people thought this fight was going to offer so much more including myself. It was Kayode that started the fight well and it seemed that Tarver had his foot of the gas for most of the first half of the bout. It wasn't until mid way through the fight that Tarver decided to up his game and show Kayode a little less respect, offering some big shots but never really troubling Kayode. Had Tarver kept up the hard work and intensity he may have swayed the judges decision, but it looked as if he ran out of steam after his intensity over the previous few rounds. Many fight fans have Kayode the winner here, i have to be honest i couldn't really separate the 2 men and both had some great spells in the bout, but neither really worthy of winning the fight. Judges had the fight 115-113, 115-113, 114-114. Both men were left unhappy with the decision and ultimately wanting a rematch after feeling they had both won the battle, i suppose a rematch is inevitable, if it does happen lets hope it offers a bit more than this encounter.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

02/06/12 Chris Eubank to make return?

45-5-2 is the current record of former World Champion Chris Eubank, why would it matter? well it matters because the 1990's Boxer has confirmed that it would be a dream to come out and Box again after seeing his son fight. He has even confirmed he has been in touch with Nigel Benn and asked him to get back in the ring with him after believing he still has what it takes. Theres 2 sides to this story, theres those of you that will think that this is a ludicrous idea and he needs to not try and relight his career through his son Chris Eubank Jr and theres those who would look and say that if Bernard Hopkins can do it, then why not.
And that's exactly what Eubank has confirmed, the 45year old believes if Hopkins can do it at 47 then why cant he.....
The answer is simple, Hopkins has kept himself in the fight game for the last 10 years. Don't get me wrong seeing him 1 last time in the ring would be quite something, especially with the 'Dark Destoyer' but sometimes you have to know when to say no. Sorry Chris Eubank but continue use your energy and enthusiasm on your sons career and let the public enjoy watching him become the fighter you once were.
Courtesy of The Sun Newspaper

02/06/12 Tarver v Kayode

Antonio Tarver v Lateef Kayode is probably not a fight that many people will get excited about and will probably go under the raider a little bit. But i think it has the making of a great fight and I'm happy that Boxnation have coverage of this encounter. The Veteran Tarver goes into this fight with wins in his last 2 fights, but 2 losses prior to that against Chad Dawson. It would seem that Tarver can no longer compete with the elite of the Light heavy and Cruiserweight division but still has a lot to offer. Having gone the distance in 9 of his last 11 matches Tarver is no stranger to grinding out a win and doing what it takes to get the judges decision. And i think this will have the same outcome.
Kayode is an unbeaten member of Freddie Roach's camp posing a 18-0 record and this will defiantly be his toughest test yet. I can see it going the distance only because Tarver has the experience to control the fight, but he will have to avoid Kayode as he has already confirmed he will be looking for the KO early on.
Tarver win by decision.
BoxNation 03 June 2.00

02/06/12 Billy Joe Saunders looked impressive last night with UD

Last night Billy Joe Saunders successfully defended his Commonwealth crown against Bradley Pryce, Its been great to follow both these men over the last month with various exchanges of words. Saunders went into the bout the favourite and early into the fight you could see why. Picking off Pryce with a great jab which Saunders carried on with throughout the fight. Bradley also found it hard to defend against the one two combo which kept on coming his way. It ended with a unanimous decision across the panel and Saunders remains unbeaten with a 14-0 record.

02/06/12 Kirkland demanding $2.5million to take Alvarez fight

Another thanks to ESPN's Dan Rafael who last night reported that Junior Middleweight James Kirkland is now demanding he gets $2.5million if he is taking on Canelo Alvarez. This is due to him having an injured arm, I'm sorry but in my opinion you either take the fight or you don't. I understand there has to be an financial factor when stepping into the ring, especially in such a high profiled fight, but if the bout mattered that much he would just take it. It also begs me to question if he is actually injured, and if so is it really that bad? It leaves Alvarez with very little options here, i think i am going to agree with the majority and back Alvarez to take a fight with Cotto.

Friday, 1 June 2012

01/06/12 Kirkland pulls out of Alvarez encounter

James Kirkland was scheduled to take on Junior Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez in September but has been forced out of this encounter with an arm injury. Kirkland was the ideal replacement for Williams who recently was involved in a motorcycle accident but has now confirmed he can take no part in the bout.
I understand he wants to be 100% fit for this battle but it makes you question why he stepped up to take on the Mexican when he was carrying this injury?