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Friday, 9 March 2012

09/03/12 Ringside

What a great episode of this week’s Ringside, with special guest star and Mexican boxing legend Marco Antonio Barrera. The guys also looked forward to the upcoming all British bout between Kell Brook and Matthew Hatton. Going into both gyms in Manchester and Sheffield they showed both boxers preparing for the fight that could shape the next stage of their careers. Brook looked very calm and relaxed about the whole occasion and when telling us about the recent birth of his baby why this has been great motivation for him to take his training and fights to the next level. Hatton on the other hand had a very determined look about him, stating that even though he is very proud of his brother Ricky, it was time for him to come out of the shadows and write his own legacy.
Throughout the show they asked Barrera about his past battles, fights with British fighters Paul Lloyd and Richie Wenton and his biggest British encounter with Nassem Hamed. Barrera recalls a great match with Hamed, but in no way is hardest fought battle. That came on 3 different occasions with his most bitter Mexican rival Erik Morales, in the space of 4 years and across the 3 encounters Barrera won twice, and even though critics say Morales had beat him in the second fight, he argues that he had beat Morales in the first fight. Overall it was a trilogy that Boxing will never forget and seems to have left a very sour taste in the mouth of Morales as Barrera recalls asking him to put everything in the ring behind them and look at being friends, to which Morales declined.
Barrera showed his true passion for the sport and need to help others progress further when he was shown Sparring rounds with the likes of Anthony Carolla and Scott Quigg. Barrera saying that these guys were honoured to be in the same ring as him and that he was always happy to show off his skill and technique to them. Recalling losses to Jones and Pacquiao he was asked if he would ever consider entering the ring again, to which he said he would, if his mum would let him.

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