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Monday, 19 March 2012

19/03/12 Brook v Khan / Kessler out

Hearn wants Khan Showdown

And what a match it would be, the kind that would have British fight fans talking for years. After Kell Brooks demolition of Matthew Hatton this weekend, promoter Hearn believes he is ready to take on Amir Khan and also believes it has the potential to be a box office match up. It’s certainly a fight that would make sense, I feel Amir Khan would probably look to avoid it as he is currently looking at bigger fish to fry. Is Brook ready for Khan, after this weekend I would probably say yes, but I feel the wise choice would be to take on someone like Ortiz or Berto first, to firmly establish himself in the welterweight mix.

When will we see Kessler again?

Former Super Middleweight Champion Mikkel Kessler has again pulled out of his fight with Robert Stieglitz due to take place in April. It is a continuation of his issue with his right hand that is stopping him from getting in the ring. I really can’t wait for Kessler to get back in the ring as I feel he can really cause a stir amongst the other fighters in the division. Obviously a rematch with Ward would be what everyone wants but it seems that is a long way off yet. It was also reported by Ward himself that Kessler is considering a move up to Light Heavyweight, I don’t know how true this is, but I feel he would be wise to stay where he is and build his way back through the Champions and Former Champions that surround him.


  1. brooks vs khan would be one sided in my opion i think brook would destroy khan!

    1. A very bold statement, i think Brook has the abilty to be a better boxer than khan, but not yet, right now i would say Khan has a bit more about him, faster, stronger and ultimatly more experienced

    2. Yes Khan is the more weathered boxer but with this experience his flaws have been exposed, Khan will never live up to his rep! And brooks looks like a really decent fighter I think this fight would put brooks on the map and khan will be forgotten about again this is only opion