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Thursday, 29 March 2012

29/03/12 Reports, Diaries and Experiances

Todays post is something a little different as i want to take this chance to say thank you to some of the writers of the last few books i have read, these books have stood out and derseve to be recognised.
Please take the time to read if you come across these, alternativly ask me if you know me to read mine.

Ringside A treasury of Boxing reportage by Budd Schulberg

Schulberg's extensive knowledge and history with the sport shows through on every page, taking us on a journey from Tom Cribb v Tom Molineaux's first ever international championship fight in 1810, right through to Ricky Hattons destunction of Kosta Tyzu, Bernard Hopkins controversial match with Jermain Taylor and other modern greats. 
Schulberg has watched some of the greatest fights that have ever been put togther, Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Holyfield, Tyson he has seen them all and knew most of them on a personal level as well. A great read i never wanted to put down as i had learned something new on almost every chapter and got a look inside the Boxing world through the eyes of a writer/ reporter that knew every inch of the science.

My View form the corner: A life in Boxing by Bert Sugar and Angelo Dundee

A real compelling read that had me hooked form the moment i entered the first few pages. An inside look of the life of one of Boxing's greatest Trainers and Cornermen. Dundee reveal's every sight, sound and emotion that he has experianced growing up with the sport. The Corruption of his early Boxing experiance's when he was trying to find his way in the world of the sport, his determination to jump in whenever he could and help in any fighters corner just to get himself a job, and of course the day a young man from Kentucky knocked on his door and told him he was going to win the Olympic gold medal and then become World Heavyweight Champion. A great tale of a man desperate to find work and had to experiance every part of life outside the ring before he became a household name when working with Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leanoard.

Becoming Holyfield: A fighters journey

I have read a few AutoBiographies and this one stands out as a tale of a man that would never say no.
Holyfield tells his story of a boy with very little money but a lot of family and a hand from God that helped him become the Warrior he was later known as. A man that lost over a stone in one fight that could have ended his career, a man that had been physically assulted by Mike Tyson and still refused to say no. Holyfield offers us an insight to his personal struggles with the women and children in his life but it had always pushed him to do better in the ring. This book is over 300 pages of hope and determination and deserves to be recognised by all the critics that told Holyfield he would never make it from the day he controversally lost a Gold medal opportunity at the Olympics.

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