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Sunday, 11 March 2012

11/03/12 What next for Burns?

The question on the lips of every british fight fan. Ricky Burns got the job done last night after beating Paulus Moses and coming away with the UD after 12 rounds and his WBO Lightweight title. I will admit there were certain points in the fight that i thought Moses hurt Burns, some of the body shots he was landing seemed to make Burns take a moment to re compose himself. But compose himself he did, at the start of every round and looked overall very impressive. Throwing great combinations Burns at times looked like all he needed was that final KO punch, something critics say is what Burns is lacking. But big punch or not, the hard work and clever movement around the ring allowed him to out box Moses in nearly every round. For me it seemed only a few rounds went in the favour of Moses but they could be the deciding rounds if Burns was to take on a classier fighter in Mitchell or Rios, Gavin Rees has also thrown his name into the mix. For the British public Burns v Mitchell is a must, but for everyone else i think the propsect of Burns taking on Undefeated Lightweight Brandon Rios is a tastier encounter. I guess we wait and see what this summer holds, one thing for sure, watch out because Burns is proving that he is the real deal.

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