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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14/03/12 Chisora Banned

Today it was confirmed that Derek Chisora has had his Boxing licence withdrawn from the British Boxing Board of Control. I can't say im surprised, but can’t help feel slightly annoyed. As stated in one of my early posts regarding this matter, i feel the BBBC have used this to make an example of Chisora. They had confirmed at the hearing that they do not approve of what happened after the fight and neither do i, but lets be honest worse has happened before and dare i say it will happen after and nothing is done. They have said that they will wait to see what Chisora does now as he does have the option to appeal the desicion,  if this falls through he can re apply for his licence. If he does not appeal then obviously the desicion stands. The BBBC have stated that Chisora can also re apply for his licence at any time, but as of now the desicion is final and they have no plans right now of changing thier final ruling. This has left Chisora with one option which would be to apply for a licence abroad, and Chisora would be the first one to probably tell you he is already on a plane to reach an agreement elsewhere. When asked what he thought of the decision chisora simply said “Three letters...MGM”
I think we can all agree that we may see Chisora scheduled to fight again before the year is out, it just wont be against a Klitschko.

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