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Thursday, 22 March 2012

22/03/12 An exciting time for British Lightweights & Other news.

Back in the mix for Gavin Rees

This weekend see’s Rees have the chance to prove he is still a contender in the Lightweight division when he takes on Anthony Mezaache. The 35-1-1 fighter has only ever lost to Andrey Kotelnyk and says he is ready to take on the likes of John Murray, Kevin Mitchell and WBO champion Ricky Burns. The Prospects and talent that the British have in the Lightweight division is exciting and almost overwhelming and can only be good for British Boxing. The next couple of years could be very interesting as far as British Lightweight Boxing goes especially if Rees can Produce a win in Paris this weekend

Scott Harrison in trouble again

Former WBO Champion Scott Harrison is in trouble again after recently being released from a prison in Spain. After not boxing for 6 years Harrison was due to work his way back into the mix of the Featherweight division, but is now in trouble after confrontation in a supermarket. Promoter Frank Maloney has decided to drop Harrison and will no longer be promoting the former champion, what a shame after such a promising comeback for the 31 year old Scot. Assuming the BBBC can forgive him again, I’m sure we will see him back in the ring very soon, but for now we will await Harrison’s fate.

Froch v Bute

Nothing but respect has been passed between these to Super Middleweight fighters, and it’s shaping up to be a tremendous encounter. A venue has still not been decided yet after Froch’s camp announced they were looking to have this outside. My concern at this point is that yet again the fight has been given no space to be televised. Nothing has been mentioned of any major sports channel showing the fight, I can’t see this fight being passed up or becoming a PPV event due to the popularity and demand the boxing world have already. Froch has found himself in this position in a few times before and wasn’t until he entered the recent Super six tournament, that he found his way on to our television screens. For me this fight is too big to be passed up.

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