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Saturday, 17 March 2012

17/03/12 Brook stamps his mark on the division & Frampton eyes Quigg

Kell Brook v Matthew Hatton
As Predicted from the opening bell it was Kell Brook who dominated the fight leaving Hatton clutching at any avaliable straw to stay in the fight. Starting out very cagey it was Brook out of the two fighters that stepped it up in round 5, hitting Hatton with some great straight shots that he simply could not stop. From this point Hatton was always on the back foot which played right into Brook’s hands, throwing some outstanding 1-2 combination shots that looked as if they would stop Hatton from going any further in the bout. It was in round 9 that the ‘Special one’ hit Hatton with a counter punch that left Hatton on the canvas and had the crowd thinking the fight might be over, but Hatton fought on in a stubborn manner and would not give in. Ironically the best shot of the night came from Hatton in round 10 as Hatton threw a hard left hook that caught Brook on the chin but it didn’t seem to bother the Champion. A valient effort from Hatton to go the distance but never looked to really cause an upset, Brook now stamps his mark on the division and will be looking for matchups against the likes of Andre Berto or Victor Ortiz. Both fighters did british fight fans proud but it was Kell Brook that will have every fan worldwide talking.

Carl Frampton v Prosper Ankrah
Frampton proving again why he is one to watch in the Bantamweight division, making quick work of Ankrah. Frampton didn’t seem to work the jab as well has he could and wanted to make a statement by landing a big punch early on, that big punch didn’t come untill round 2. Ankrah proved a slippery customer but wasn’t  quick enough when Frampton caught him on the chin and the head to send him crashing to the floor. Frampton now moves on and will be looking for the match everyone wants against Scott Quigg, hopefully we will be seeing it very soon and according to both fighters we will.

Kerry Hope v  Grzegorz Proska
After an intense 12 round battle Kerry Hope walks away with the European Middlweight crown against Grzegorz Proska. It looked to be going in Proska’s favour at the start of the fight but after a clash of heads and suffering a bad cut above the left eye, Hope took advantage and worked the ring well and produced some great boxing. Both men struggled towards the back end of the fight due to lack of experiance with going 12 rounds, but Hope seemed the stronger and had more left in the tank in the last few rounds and that is what had carried him across the finish line. A great fight and a well deserved win for Hope.

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