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Sunday, 25 March 2012

25/03/12 Are we saying goodbye to a Mexican legend? and another controversial outcome.

Morales v Garcia

The arena erupted as the Mexican legend entered the ring and must have left Danny Garcia feeling quite overwhelmed. But Garcia didn’t seem fazed by sharing the ring with Morales and went straight to work. It was one of the closest fights of the year in my opinion as both fighters traded shot after shot through 12 rounds and Morales proving he could still mix it up with the young guns. The Mexican started solid and looked the stronger of the 2 men as he lead the fight through the first few rounds, but the longer the bout went the more it played into the hands of the young man from Philly. Going into the later stages of the fight it seemed that the fight could go either way and in round 11 Garcia landed a great straight arm shot on Morales leaving teh Mexican on the floor. This may have turned the tide into Garcia’s favour, but once the final bell rang and the score cards were read, it was Garcias arm raised for the win with one judge having him up as much as 118-112. It was a UD that now puts Garcia right in the mix of the division and may have left the Mexican with a big decision to make.

Kirkland v Molina

It was 2yrs ago that James Kirkland was released from prison and is now right back on winning ways with a victory over Carlos Molina last night. It was a great encounter that last 10 rounds and offered great viewing to the crowd in Texas, but the fight would go no further as Molina was Disqualified for illegally having one of his cornermen enter the ring during the round. Kirkland who is renound for his devastating KO punches and ferocious attacking style started the fight well but soon realised that Molina came with a game plan and it seemed to be working. Aware that Kirkland has a weak chin Molina went after the killer punch on a few occasions, but did so in what seemed to be illegal fashion. Leading with the head and pushing down on Kirkland at every opportunity Molina was able to set himself in every round and sometimes left Kirkland Staring at the referee waiting for him to take action.  But it wasn’t until round 10 when Kirkland hit the Mexican and put him to the canvas, that the referee took action.  As out of the blue, one of Molina’s men jumped in and out of the ring leaving the official no choice but to DQ Molina. The decision did not sit well with the crowd as they were preparing themselves for what would have been a great final 2 rounds, and both fighters seemed unhappy as the fight was stopped. Molina was ahead to 2 of the judges scorecards and was about to produce the biggest win of his career and has now requested a rematch, Kirkland who understands Molina’s annoyance had agreed straight after the bout to the rematch. Dispite of what happened if we do get a rematch prepare yourselves as this will be an epic battle with both men still having a point to prove.

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